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Come and join the NTA camp in Rydal! 13th - 15th September 2017 (Wednesday to Friday)



Organizers: Nordic Textile Art, NTA in collaboration with Rydals Museum, ETN and TEXO

Workshop date: September 14th 2017.

Place: Rullsalen, Rydals museum, Rydal, Sweden

Workshoptime: 10 - 17

Workshopleader: Designer and pedagogue Laura Isoniemi

Exhibition: September 14th – 18th 2017 (Arrival day for hanging September 13th)

Exhibition Opening: 17 – 19, September 14th

This workshop and the exhibition is open for members of Nordic Textile Art.

Limited group.

Workshop - Size Memories - Powertool

How to get empowered by memories by touching - seeing - feeling and then transforming them to textile or other contemporary format.

The participants will need memorable material, that evoke feelings and memories. Small equipment of textile working tools (scissors, needles). Different feeling material, also hard or left over material. It will also be more material to use on place.

The result can be Power tool; art object, jewelry or other thing that makes you stay longer stronger, happier, alive and present in the ordinary day living. Also, it empowers your artistic identity and status.

Exhibition - Crossover

As a participant of the workshop you will also be a part of an exhibition at Rydals Museum.

The exhibition lasts for four days and will be included in the program for the XVIII European Textile Network Conference; XXXXOVER BORÅS 2017.

How do you relate to the theme crossover?

  • You yourself, bring the art to Rydal and back again, so the way of your transportation and how you get to Rydal decides the size of your art piece.
  • We want you to show textile art.
  • You can use either floor, walls or the ceiling for the hanging. And you do the hanging yourself. Together we do a great exhibition.

For the workshop and exhibition in Rydal the fee is 40 €. Do your application by sending an e-mail to You do the payment after you have had your place confirmed. (All the registration and payment goes through NTA You don´t use the application form from ETN for this event)

If you have any questions about all the events dedicated to NTA members you can always e- mail For more details: read more at our website

Dinner at Wärdshuset Spinnaren, September 14th at 19.00.

Do your booking for the dinner at Spinnaren by sending an e-mail to

Boende på Viskadalens folkhögskola. Ett antal rum är förbokade. Alla rum är tvåbäddsrum. Du bokar själv rum på vandrarhemmet. När du bokar ange NTA. Vill du kan vi hjälpa till med att hitta en ”kompis” att dela rum med? Kontakta i så fall oss per mail

There will be a bus tour coming from Borås to see the exhibitions in Rydal and to join the dinner at Spinnaren in Rydal. It is possible to take the bus back to Borås if there are places left and you pay the cost.


From Rydal it is 20 km to Borås, 10 km to Kinna and 55 km to Göteborg.

Do you want to be a member of NTA? Read more at our website