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A great network of Textile Artists

Step into the vibrant world of creativity where threads weave stories, and colors dance on canvases of fabric. Nordic Textile Art beckons you to explore the intricate tapestry of talent, where skilled hands transform fibers into masterpieces. Unravel the threads of imagination and witness the magic spun by a community of artists who breathe life into textiles, transcending the ordinary to create a symphony of textures and hues. Join us on a journey where artistry meets craftsmanship, and every stitch tells a unique tale in this vast and inspiring network of textile artists.


We create textile beauty

Nordic Textile Art, NTA, is a non-profit association open for artists and those who are passionated about textile art.


Deep roots

Core issues


The objective of the organization is to be a forum connecting and creating new networks and meeting-points for Nordic textile art.



Nordic Textile Art wants to make it possible for people to meet in person, as well as contributing to virtual meetings, where the core of the network is its members. Together we promote the development of Nordic textile art. Northern cooperation and the interest of the Nordic textile art is what creates the foundation of NTA.



Nordic Textile Art wants to give you an insight to what is happening within the nordic textile art. The website is one of our meeting points.



Nordic Textile Art arranges networking meetings, dialogues, lectures, seminars and workshops. NTA is aiming at arranging exhibitions of Nordic textile art in cooperation with other organisations.



NTA is building a large network for textile art in the Nordic countries as well as looking further out into the world through ETN, European Textile Network. A close collaborator is the Textile Museum of Sweden, Textilmuseet, in Borås.


Ready for your textile adventure?