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An exhibition by members of Nordic Textile Art and the results of workshops conducted by NTA between September 14th and 17th, 2017.

Annika Andersson (Se) Elisabeth Brenner Remberg (Se) Helga Palina Brynjolfdottir (Is) Karla Caprali (Br/USA) Elizabet Christiansson (Se) Liv Dons Samset (N) Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich (Se) Sofia Hagström Møller (Dk) Karin Hurtig (Se) Elisabeth Johansson Jonsson (Se) Juha Laurikainen (Fi) Vibeke Lindhardt (Dk) Johanna Ludvigsen (Dk) Marie Nir (Se) Anna Orban (Ro) Belinda Rose (Gb-Sct) Ingegerd Schönborg (Se) Josabet Werkmäster (Se)

The exhibition lasts for four days and will be included in the program for the XVIII European Textile Network Conference; CROSSOVER BORÅS 2017.

All the artists in the exhibition has also been a part of a one-day workshop Size Memories - Powertool. You will see the result in the exhibition. Workshop leader: Designer and pedagogue Laura Isoniemi 

Rydals museum

Textil museet i Borås - Crossover

How do you relate to the theme crossover?

textile art

Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich

textile art

Josabet Werkmäster

textile art

Elisabeth Brenner Remberg

textile art

Karin Hurtig

textile art


textile art

Liv Dons Samset

textile art

Annika Andersson

textile art

Elisabeth Johansson Jonsson



Med stöd från: Nordisk kulturfond, Nordisk kulturkontakt, Kulturrådet, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse, Clara Lachmanns stiftelse, Tore G Wärenstams stiftelse, Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden.


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