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Are you interested in Nordic Textile Art? Are you interested in what´s going on in Bergen and Norway?

Nordic Textile Art is the host of the Nordic Textile Meeting in Bergen  30/3 - 3/4 2016. The  meeting and conference take place at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway.

During these days we will meet for networking, discussions, workshops and lectures focusing on the Value of Textile Art and Added Values. This is an event by NTA in collaboration with Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Selection from the program

  • “The Value of Textile Art – Added Values” Keynote by Linda Fagerström (Sweden)
  • Textile talk 1. Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (Norway)
  • Textile talk 2. Tuija Teiska (Finland)
  • Textile talk 3. Annika Ekdahl (Sweden)
  • Textile talk 4. ETN, European Textile Network,  Lala de Dios, Christina Leitner and Andreas Selzer
  • Textile walk - Public Textile Art
  • Workshop  - Weaving High Tech and Low Tech. Workshops  by Åse Eriksen and Jon Pettersen
  • Textile industry tour - Hillsesvåg Ullvarefabrikk and Oleana
  • Textile countryside tour - Galleri Langegaarden and Kari Hjertholm's exhibition
  • Visit artist studios at USF
  • exhibitions - NTA members, Present your self on a poster. - Student pop-up exhibition "Added Values"
  • Pop-up exhibition at Rom8

Please mail if you have any questions.

Download the program for the Nordic Textile Meeting.

Download the application form for the Nordic Textile Meeting.  (download it as a word doc.)

Download the presentation of the Nordic Textile Meeting.

Do you need an invitation when you apply for funding? Please let us know and we´ll send you an invitation.

Download the press release.

Bild Nordic Textile Meeting in Bergen


Organizers: Nordic Textile Art, NTA, in collaboration with Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHiB,

Introduction: Nordic Textile Art wants to create forums for discussions about contemporary textile art. Our 2016 conference is placed in Norway this year. The annual meetings are held circulating in the Nordic countries.

The Value of Textile Art is the conference theme with an extra - Added Values. It is a follow up for the Nordic Textile Meeting in Helsinki 2015 where the conference theme The Value of Textile Art started. The artistic idea of the project is to shed light upon the theme from different aspects by seminars, workshops, exhibitions and educational visits. A clear change in the society can be noted, the interest and knowledge about textiles is increasing. Many artists use either textile materials, textile techniques or textile expressions in their artistry.

Short notes on the speakers

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (Norway)

Winner of the Nordic Award in Textiles 2015. Her latest exhibition The Poetry of Hybrids is on show at Textilmuseet i Borås until 24.3.2016. She has a Master Degree from KHiB in 2001 and been very active as an artist ever since.  In her expressive artworks in all dimensions she make use of different materials based on her relation to the textile medium. More information:

Annika Ekdahl (Sweden)

Winner of the Nordic Award in Textiles 2014. Annika Ekdahl  is a highly rewarded artist mainly using the original tapestry technique as her medium for Fine Art. She was a visiting professor at the University of Gothenburg until 2011, but first of all she is a very productive artist with a remarkable strength in her expressive works telling stories. They are often related to the past, but have a very contemporary presence and value. Example: The Graduation Party celebrates her time as professor and brings to life her appreciation for her students and fellows in this huge and the time-consuming work of contemporary art. More information:

Tuija Teiska (Finland)

Student at the Academie of Fine Art in Helsinki, Master program of Visual art.

About Tuija Teiska and her work:  "My works deal with femininity, sex and the status of women in the home and family. Craftsmanship is not just a way of doing things, but a process through which I make use of textile art traditions and working methods by questioning how femininity and the work of women is seen in society.

The physical presence of my works aims to build spatial and sculptural experience, the purpose of which is to create something meaningful and visible out of the commonplace and inconspicuous.

To me, making art is a physical process, which I try to convey through the materials, aesthetics and essence of my art works.

I greatly admire the strong women whose art and life has given me a lot of content in my life, for example Louise Bourgeois, Ewa Hesse and Mona Hatoum."

More information:

Linda Fagerström (Sweden)

Key note speaker ”The Value of Textile Art - Added Values”
Linda Fagerström; art critic, PhD in art history. More information:

ETN, European Textile Network,

”The past, the present the future.” Lala de Dios, Christina Leitner and Andreas Selzer.

Board Members of ETN: Lala de Dios Textile Artist from Madrid, President of ETN, Christina Leitner and Andreas Selzer from Textile Zentrum Haslach in Austria.

The European Textile Network (ETN) is bringing together artists, designers, craft people, authors, carriers of cultural heritage, lecturers, researchers and textile enthusiasts in order to promote the exchange of information and experiences, to encourage the cooperation in projects and to arrange meetings.

Aashild Grana (Norway)

Dean at the Department of Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Jon Pettersen (Norway)

Associate Professor of Textile at Bergen Academy of Art and Design with weaving as his main subject. As an artist and designer the jacquard technique has been in focus for many years, including the digital tools and methods for exploring this medium. His experience and confidence with industrial looms has been used to establish an extended workshop for himself as well as his students. More information.

Kari Dyrdal (Norway) Textile Artist and Professor at Textile at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Kari Dyrdal has spent many years studying digital tools and pattern formation.

Networking session - Poster exhibition

Present yourself on a poster. Size A1. Material - your choice. Bring your poster to the Nordic Textile Meeting and find a space at the KHiB.


Weaving High Tech and Low Tech. Intensive courses by Åse Eriksen and Jon Pettersen.

Limited groups. KHiB, Vevsalen 4 etg. Marken 37

Workshop 1.    Wednesday March 30 th     8 participants.

Workshop 2.    Sunday April 3rd                   8 participants.

Content and intentions:

To give brief and practical introductions in weaving on manual looms in the workshop, making it possible to weave out motives in very different ways. On one side the very old methods from China: Jin/tabby – Jin/twill – Han Qi / Han damask – Taquete and samitum.

Åse Eriksen has been studying these methods for many years and found practical ways of adjusting the loom for the process of weaving.

On the opposite side, the computer-based methods are available on the digital looms TC-1, TC-2 and the old, but updated jacquard loom.  This jacquard, with 400 hooks was installed at the academy in 1990 and has been in use as the technology was invented in 1804, including the punching of cards.  Last year the loom was brought into a digital new future, and the time-consuming drafting and punching of cards is history.

Jon Pettersen is dedicated to this part of the course and will guide you through some easy experiments from Photoshop to the choice of weaves and yarns for the shuttles to run.

During the workshop day we recommend the participants to concentrate on one of these opposite groups of methods. Please, make it clear what you prefer.

Åse Eriksen (Norway)

Åse Eriksen has been an active weaving artist since her education in Bergen in the early 80s. Her interest in historical methods in weaving has given her a unique background for her of artistic explorations, but also to understand the secrets of ancient weaving methods. From this she is a valuable resource in co-operation with other research fellows from the academic fields. More information.

Visits and excursions (optional)

Textile Walk. Thursday March 31st

Textile walk will take us to see some of the most interesting pieces of textile art in public premises in the heart of the City of Bergen. The participants of this tour will see Else Marie Jacobsen “Den Røde Tråd”  (1982) Science Building UiB. and Kari Dyrdal: “Ornament” (2015)  Aula at Natural Science at UiB.ørste-billedvev

10.00 o ´clock starts the Textile walk from Hotel Terminus and will be guided by Åse Eriksen from the meeting point to the University of Bergen where Kari Dyrdal will present the works.

Kari Dyrdal Professor at KHiB will present her latest commission work at the University in Bergen On the guided walk she will also give an introduction the textile artwork “Den Røde Tråd” created by Else Marie Jacobsen. In this work the artist celebrates the art-history of tapestry of Norway.

Textile countryside tour Thursday March 31 st

Galleri Langegården, Soloexhibition by Kari Hjerholm

Galleri Langegården, situated in the beautiful countryside of Norway. This is a tour for you who are interested in viewing the Nordic landscape.

Kari Hjertholm (Norway) has her education from her hometown Bergen during the 80s and has been active in her studio at USF for many years. Her adjusted tapestry technics gives her work a remarkable soft and still expressive character. Her upcoming sole exhibition will be open during the conference.

Textile Industry Tour Friday April 1 st

. wool spinning mill.

Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk AS has been in business for more than 100 years. Keeping up the production of yarn from local wool they provide the knitting and weaving field with their specialities.  The growing interest for domestic raw materials and the factory´s capacity and competence makes them very attractive even for contemporary design and fashion.


Oleana AS was founded in 1992, in a period of outsourcing the European textile industry. Oleana´s opposite approach and brave strategy has given remarkable results. Their in-house designer Solveig Hisdal has been responsible for their collections of high artistic quality for many years.

USF Verftet (United Sardine Factories) Friday April 1 st

USF, a former sardine factory was established during the 80s as a cooperation of workshops for many different art disciplines like music, performing art, film, craft and visual art. Guest studio, exhibition area and café are parts of the environment.

The walking distance from the city pass through and old part of the city with well preserved wooden houses typical for Bergen.

Visiting artists studios at USF.

Marta Nerhus, Birgit EideIda Helland Hansen, Gunvor Olsen, Ingrid Aarset, Kari Dyrdal

Dinner at restaurang Matbørsen, April 1 st.

Galleri Kraft Vågsalmenningen 12. KRAFT – rom for kunsthåndverk, is The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts’ exhibition space and sales venue in Bergen.  VINES, new works, Kristina Aas and Karina Nøkleby Presstun,

Pop up exhibition

Rom8: “Added Value” A Pop-up exhibition of textile art by present and former teachers from KHiB.

Rom8 is situated in one of the several locations of KHiB at Vaskerelven 8. It is an exhibition space for presenting projects initiated from the staff.

On Sunday you can hang around at Rom8 for networking, coffee and just for fun.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Bergen National Academy of art and Design has had a significant role in the education of artists using textile as their medium. From the 70s the weaving and textile printing have been the main subjects.  At present the professional staff and well-equipped facilities give a good environment for studies and research.

The textile medium is part of the Art department sharing space, staff and study program with the other subjects in the Fine Art-field.  In less than two years the whole academy will move to a new building now under construction. The two departments and all subject areas will be more able to establish interdisciplinary programs.


The head team for organizing The Nordic Textile Meeting in Bergen 2016.

NTA board: Textile Artist Elisabeth Brenner, Textile Artist Josabet Werkmäster.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design Ass Professor Jon Pettersen and Artist Åse Eriksen.


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