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ETN- European Textile Network, The Textile Museum in Borås, The Swedish school of Textiles - University Borås, the City of Borås and NTA-Nordic Textile Art welcome you to Borås in September 2017.

The Conference aims to present a global perspective of the different textile practices and their interactions with a special focus on sustainable creativity and innovation in Textile art and design.

The theme for the days in Borås is crossover.

Date: 13 – 19.9 2017  september  2017.

More from the program

  • Exhibitions openings.
  • Conference session 16th -17th September 2017
  • 13th -15th  Pre-conference optional activities - workshops, textile tours
  • 18th -19th september, Post - conference - optional tours, workshops.
  • NTA are organizing a workshop at the museum in RYDAL on the 14 of september, for one day.
  • NTA member exhibition, all attending members to the workshop in Rydal. That means everybody are bringing one piece of art  ready to hang on the wall.

On the 16th of September the grand opening of the NTA exhibition EVERYDAY MATTER at the Textile Mueum of Borås.

On the 14 of september, workshop at Rydal and exhibition, visitors coming with buss from Borås for the exhibition opening. In the evening, dinner at Wärdshuset Spinnaren in Rydal.

"JOHTOLANKA/LEDTRÅD" At the same spot in Rydal, TEXO from Finland is having a summer exhibition at the Museum. This is the jubilee exhibition of TEXO from Tammerfors Finland,

You do the application for the conference at ETN website. (closed now)

As a member of Nordic Textile Art you will pay the same fee for the conference as the members of ETN.

Read more on the website of the Textile Museum in Borås



More information about the Conference session

Saturday 16th September - Textile Futures

  • Lijdewijk Edelkoort (NL), One of the world's most famous trend forecasters. Li Edelkoort travels all over the world studying the evolution of socio-culture trends will now come to Borås and give us one of her inspiring lecture and textile talk.
  • Mats Johansson, (SE), University of Boras - Head of Prototype Factory/Smart Textiles. “What can smart textiles be in the future and how can we stop producing them in a stupid way”.
  • Beatrijs Sterk, founder and former Secretary General of ETN and fomer publisher and editor-in-chief of Textile Forum Magazine. Textiles in Fine Art – a Blessing or a Curse?
  • Educating in Textile Culture. Christina Leitner and Andreas Selzer from Textile Zentrum Haslach, (A) The European Textile Network Project for the Next Years
  • Networking sessions: 10-minute presentations.

Sunday 17th September -  Textile Art

  • Linda Fagerström (SE) on Current Situation and Trends in Contemporary Textile Art. Moderator of the morning session.
  • Faig Ahmed, contemporary artist. Conceptual approach to traditional textiles. Solo exhibition on view at the Textile Museum opening June 2017.
  • Jun Tomita, Building the Future Departing from Tradition. Artist, teacher and author on kasuri weaving.
  • Grethe Sørensen – Winner of Nordic Award in Textiles 2017.
  • Catharine Ellis and Joy Boutrup. The process of collaboration between art and science.
  • Networking sessions: 10-minute presentations.



More information about workshops, exhibitions and guided tours



Digital weaving on the TC2 by Vibeke Vesby.
Playing with smells Jyoti Kapur, Smart Textiles - The Swedish School of Textiles

Printing on Cellulosic Fibres with Natural Dyes. Catharine Ellis and Joy Boutrup.
Natural dyes and processes - Jeanette Schäring.
Art in nature with textile materials - Hannah Streefkerk.

Heritage revisited:
Kasuri Weaving (ikat). Jun Tomita,
Shibori. Patricia Black, Australia.
Shibori. Elsa Chartin, Sweden.

Open air:
Hannah Streefkerk NL/S – land art - open air workshop

Size memories – Powertool - Workshop only NTA members at Rydal. NTA welcomes new members to join. In the afternoon tour from Borås to the exhibition openings and dinner. (You do your registration for this workshop and exhibition to NTA Read more about XXXXOVER RYDAL here.


  • Textile Museum, Faig Ahmed, International solo exhibition. Opens 6 May, 2017.
  • Textile Museum, Everyday Matter, Nordic Textile Art, Opens 16 sept 2017.
  • No Limit / Steet Art:
  • Borås Museum: Letter to my Dear.
  • Abecita Konstmuseum: Grethe Sørensen Nordic Award in Textiles. Exhibition opening and award ceremony during conference days 16 sept
  • Ålgården Konstgrafiska verkstad: ”Tusen nålar”.
  • Jeanette Ölund gallery: Fredrik Nielsen & Britta Carlström.
  • Flaménska gården: Jonatan Josefsson.
  • Rydal Museum: TEXO, Finnish Textile Organization “Johtolanka” the 10th TEXO triennial.  Opening 3 June.
  • Rydal Museum: Nordic Textile Art XXXXOVER RYDAL opening 14th September
  • TEXERE exhibition

Guided tours

  • The Textile Fashion Centre guided tour – textile studios and historic tour
  • The Borås sculpture – guided tour
  • The Borås street art – guided tour
  • Guided tours at Textile Museum Exhibitions
  • Guided tours at Abecita Art Museum
  • Exhibition tours at satellite arenas.
  • Gothenburg cultural excursion
  • Textile Industry and Art excursion in the region.


Travel information.

20 minutes walking between satellite arenas

5-10 min walk between hotels and TFC

30 min buss Borås-Rydal (no public transport after 17.30)

Travel information to and within Borås:

Nearest airport:  Landvetter Airport


Organizing Committee

• European Textile Network • Textile Museum of Sweden, Borås. • Nordic Textile Art

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