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Nordic Textile Meeting in Borås 2021 - Talking hands

We in the Swedish part of the board of NTA have in recent months tried and tried to find a possibility to run the annual meeting as well as the exhibition in the best way possible but have now been forced to face the fact that we will not be able to carry out the program as we planned.

Unfortunately, we have to cancel most of the program for Nordic Textile Meeting and reduce the event from four to only one day, but the program can now be followed online. And on site at the Textile Museum for those who want and are able. Museet är stängt för allmänheten, men museet öppnar för NTA. Vi kommer att ha hela museet för oss själva.

Are you coming to Borås? The registration will be open 2.2.  - 22.2 2021. (Det finns platser kvar.) Let us know by sending an email to 

Do you want to join the online program? You will find the links at the website of The Swedish Museum of Textile.

Download the program På plats i Borås.
Download the program Borås Online.

On the program 6 March 2021

  • Textile Research day: A day for research, inspiration and new knowledge.
    • Visit the archives of the Textile Museum
    • Visit the Textile Museum.
    • Visit the digital museum

The Annual meeting will be held on-line 6.3 2021. All members will get the information by mail.

To still, in some way, approach this year's theme, we want to take the opportunity to invite you to an exhibition that will be held online. Email a photo to of your hand working with textiles. Describe in 2 - 3 sentences how you in the photo relate to the title and the concept "Talking Hands". Write in your first language or in English. We will post everyone's hands on NTA's Instagram, Facebook and website with name and text.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you have have questions.  You can write in English, på svenska, eller på skandinavisk. 

Conference language: svenska, skandinavisk, English

Vi följer Folkhälsomyndighetens och andra myndigheters rekommendationer avseende Covid-19 och agerar i enlighet med myndigheternas riktlinjer.

Covid-19: We are following the updates and recommendations from the Public Health Agency. 

Conference fee: Free.

This event is open for members of Nordic Textile Art. And it´s easy to become a member. You just have to be interested in nordic textile art, do the registration and pay our membership fee. 🙂

Do you need a personal invitation? Please let us know. We have one ready for you!

Welcome to a textile conference and meeting place for Nordic textile art where the theme of the days is Talkning hands.

Med stöd från Statens kulturråd och Lars Hiertas Minnesfond. Tack!