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Open invitation to members of Nordic Textile Art to apply for the workshop Textile Talk/Talk Textile. A workshop for networking, exploring more about textile art, and for inspiration.

Limited number of places. The registration is open, click here. Först till kvarn gäller. Early bird rules.

Maximum 14 places where 4 are dedicated to participants from Estonia and Latvia.

Time:              16 - 18 November 2023.

Place:              The Textile Museum in Sweden in Borås

NORDIC TEXTILE ART - ADVANCED DIALOGUE - What happens when the habit is broken and the obvious is erased? When we challenge our relationship to the material and place it in new contexts?

16/11 Thursday - Arrival Day, 19/11 Sunday- Time to go home.

The workshop is for you to network, exploring more about textile art, and for inspiration. Share your textile experiences and your new thoughts! Process, sketch, and the power of the hand take us forward both for our own projects and new joint collaborations.

Language - a mix of English, Scandinavian, Swedish and the language of textile.
Not a member yet? If you become a member now - it also applies to 2024.

On the PROGRAM - Textile walk and textile talk.

Workshop textile talk/talk textile. Share your textile experiences and your new thoughts. Process, sketch, and the power of the hand take us forward both for our own projects and new joint collaborations.

- Abecita konstmuseum, Nordic Award in Textiles.
- The Textile Museum in Sweden, Permanent and current exhibitions and the library, and archives.The archives of the Textile Museum contain an extensive collection of old pattern, needlework and traditional dress as well as historical teaching material and literature on weaving and similar subjects.
- Smart Textiles Showroom, a place for meetings and knowledge.

For the workshop Textile Talk/Talk Textile, bring your favorite tool, your favorite material, and a personal textile memory (as a story, or a thing).


Costs: Workshop 500 SEK /43€ , (membership in NTA 30€)

The workshop price includes museum entries, guided tours, some workshop material and fika.

Not included: food and accommodation.

Accommodation: Prize per person, 3 nights 1400 SEK /120€, Borås camping in cottage (3 beds). Sharing time, housing, and meals together.

Team leaders for the workshop: (NTA) Elisabeth Brenner, Maria Johansson, Josabet Werkmäster; (The Textile Museum in Sweden) Malena Karlsson.

Are you interested? Let us know. Do you have any questions? Let us know.

Do you need an invitation? You find one here.

WORKSHOP – TEXTILE TALK/TALK TEXTILE - Practical creativity breeds new ideas.

At the time for the workshop the exhibition Patterned positions is shown at the Textile Museum in Sweden. Also Printed fashion, a Nordic exhibition opens 7/10, curated by Martin Bergström. The museum opens its archives to the participants. At the time for the workshop we also plan a network meeting for NTA members on Saturday 18/11. Read more here.

Content and form of the workshop are developed in collaboration between Nordic Textile Art and the Textile museum in Sweden.

Collaboration partners: The Textile Museum in Sweden, Eesti Tekstiilikunstnike liit, The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty, Textile Art Media program, Textile Artists Guild of Lithuania.

Meeting online on the web and in social media is developing and enriching, but an important strategy is to really meet. Over time, being able to create lasting relationships, to get together in our profession where the personal contact also gets space, creates a basis for continued collaboration and development. To meet in real life and to be creative together has a big impact of future relations and collaborations.

Nordic Textile Art has received Long Term Network funding financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the project Nordic Textile Art - Advanced Dialogue. This workshop is a part of the project.

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