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Pia Jensen is an artist weaver with a capital A. With her beautiful kilim rugs, the weaver tells her poetic stories of things. Each rug has its own history and the many details and changes of colour in the rugs set a weaving pace of between 1 and 1½ centimetre per hour. This is sophisticated and genuine craftsmanship – this is art!

In 2012 she made the exhibition-project The infinity of the Room, which transforms an entire room into a three-dimensional experience of the hexagon (using more than 1200 identical hexagons, in various materials). We are surrounded by patterns, which can be visible or are microscopic parts of the universe. Patterns exist in nature, but are also man made and some are only visible as language or mathematical equations. Architecture and design use patterns as the point of departure for new inventions – another approach to her artistic world.

Contact the artist

Pia Jensen
Copenhagen, Denmark