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I work in textile materials or with textile techniques as a base. I let the material meet my reflections on the human mind and its ability to perceive.

ften I let the temporary character and the chance to lend me a helping hand in my work.

My embroideries are made up of dense stitches, thin threads side by side builds up the surface.

Condensed forms as to their appearance only on the surface are similar to recognizable objects.

By its very nature, they are in a stage of creation and dissolution.

In my embroideries, I have investigated in particular the ability of light to reflect through the direction of the stiches. The technique I use is painfully patience testing and time consuming, but this fact has become a part of its expression. In recent times I have been working with photo based digital printing, often combined with embroidery.

Contact the artist

Malena Karlsson
Årbo, Hultaliden 1
515 93 Seglora