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I investigate the acceleration in our automated society and how this effects our human body.
In my work hand embroidery plays a leading part.


Fast Work Time consuming Landscape, I challenge myself to work faster so I won’t be replaced by a fast machine, the robot. I made 4 identical textile paintings one after the other, with each next painting taking 15% less production time. What happened to the painting and to me?

HAND@WORK, a research to compare human- with machine embroidery. Five textile artists and the embroidery machine Textielmuseum Tilburg embroidered the same design. Will there be a different 'handwriting' in the embroidery between the artists? And the machine? And how we valuate this manual work versus machine work?

Password; a curse or a blessing? I visualized my ambivalence relationship with online world in 3 jacquard woven tapestries and Tunica, My Firewall.

Photo 1
Project Password, a Curse or a Blessing? Tunica, my Firewall.
In collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg.

Photo 2
Fast Landscape Disco, 2020, acrylic and thread on untreated linen, hand embroidered, hand embroidered, size 70 x 115 cm.

Photo 3
Project Fast Work – Time consuming Landscape – 2017, Multidisciplinary installation
Sizes: textile paintings 35 x 25 cm, Installation size width 4,40 meter and high 243 cm.
Mixed media

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Pauline Nijenhuis
Zutphen, Nederland / Netherlands