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Nordic Textile Art is the host of Nordic Textile Meeting in Copenhagen - Textile and Architecture. 14 - 16 march 2014. The meeting takes place in Gammel Dok – the site of Danish Art Workshops and Danish Architecture Centre. 

“Fabric is the first architecture for the body. A woven material consists of threads crossing each other in 90 degrees. A building consists of material beams and horizontal floors. A book and a building structures time and space. We move in circles. We are pointing out a direction but we never now where we are going. We return to where we started. Following the direction from a voice that comes from the circle of the round mouth” Ann Hamilton. Part of a text from her work Lignum at Wanås in Sweden

During three days more than sixty delegates from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will meet for net-working, discussions and lectures focusing on the interaction between textile art and architecture. In the city of Copenhagen we will visit the Royal Opera House, (Operaen) and the Black Diamond (Den Sorte Diamant) among other well-known buildings.

Danish textile artists and designers Julie Henriksen and Mathilde Aggebo will lecture on their collaboration working with two projects - the stage curtain of the Black Diamond and the interior decoration of the Tietgen Student´s Residence. The participants of the meeting will take part in an excursion to the two buildings.

Vibeke Lindhart relates to a thousand years old connection between architecture and textiles in the Church when she lectures on the subject of Bishop´s copes of Denmark. Recently she published a book ”Se min kåbe”. Kerstin Lindström talks about the Nordic project ”Knitting in Circle”, on monumental knitting in the Faroe Islands. Ulrika Kullenberg, Director of the Borås Textile Museum talks about the plans for a new arena for Textile Art.

On Saturday the 15 of March, Nordic Textile Art will hold its annual meeting.

On Sunday – the last day of the meeting - we will visit the Blue Planet – for an inspirational workshop, which will later be used in an mini art work exhibition at the next meeting of NTA in Finland 2015.

This is an event by NTA in collaboration with textile artists, and NTA members, Gina Hedegaard Nielsen and Vibeke Lindhardt. They are also the Danish representatives of NTC Nordic Textile Council and are in close contact with Dansk Tekstillaug and Danske Kunsthåndverkere, the two organizations in Denmark dealing with the development of and interest for textile art in Denmark.