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Daniela Doe

Portuguese-French multidisciplinary designer Daniela Doe is focused on handcrafted textiles combined with different mediums. Based in Malmö, Sweden, Daniela's work showcases her passion for creativity, invention, and exploration of the human connection to nature.

Daniela’s work showcases her versatility and unique approach to each project. Her focus on sustainable design has led her to create contemporary wall tapestries using punch needles and tufting guns. Her designs are characterised by sharp graphics, vibrant colours, and the synthesis of forms, all of which reflect her deep connection to details in nature.

In addition to her design work, Daniela is passionate about education and sharing her knowledge of sustainable design and handcrafted textiles. Through hands-on workshops, she encourages others to explore upcycling and handcraft methods, making a positive impact on the world of design and beyond.

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Daniela Doe
Malmö, Sweden