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Bodil Ølholm

As a little girl my mother taught me the needlework as soon as I could hold a needle. Many years later I learned to weave.

I handdye my silk yarn, design and weave my textiles in the oldfashioned way on a hand loom.

I dye the yarn myself to get the bright colors I want.

Through my color method I challenge the rigorous, straight lines in the weaving method in order to express nature's beauty and its uncontrolled fury.
I have no blueprint, but work from an idea of color, such as the northern light or the sea around the icebergs of Greenland. Sometimes the off-white silk yarn is dyed in autumn’s glowing colors.
Every single textile is “built up” as a piece of art in a class by itself.

I have always been fascinated by the look of "fabric in long panels" and this is perhaps why I get butterflies in my stomach every time I cut my work off the loom and see it in its entirety length.

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Bodil Ølholm
Huset Ølholm
Art Craft Design
Grindsted, Denmark