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My tapestries tell stories of the human being and life. With symbolism I want to make pictures with small, concrete things using moments and atmospheres in a person’s life, so that they form a metaphor of something greater. In my art I depict human growth and life's complexity and emotions poetically and individually way. I feel that even sad things are more easily approachable in textile because the material in itself holds optimistic and soft values.

I studied in University of Art and Design in Helsinki and graduated as a textile artist in the year 1983 and started to work as a free artist in 1990. I have had 40 solo exhibitions and have taken part in numerous exhibitions in 30 different countries. I have made over 30 commission works and liturgical textiles for 7 churches. I was selected as the textile artist of the year 2010 in Finland and got 5 years grant from the state of Finland in the year 2011 and 2016.

Contact the artist

Aino Kajaniemi
Jyväskylä, Finland