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Koko kirjo - Three days of colour. Read the report here from this fantastic meeting in Tampere! Report by NTA board: Berthe Forchhammer (day 1), Kari Merete Paulsen (day 2) and Lilý Erla Adamsdóttir (day3).

Report from three days of colour in Finland, 8 – 11.6. 2023

Nordic Textile Meeting in Finland, a cooperation between TEXO, the Finnish Association of Textile Artists, and Nordic Textile Art. KOKO KIRJO - THE WHOLE SPECTRUM consisted of a seminar with professional lectures, excursions, and cooperative workshops.

Koko Kirjo team: Miia Poytalaakso, Maija Esko, Päivi Vaarula, Laura Isoniemi, & Juha Laurikainen.

Many thanks to all of you 100 participants of the colourful days.

In this picture you can see a fabric with a lot of colors