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Our contemporary world disturbs my mind. Any way I need to reflect this. With stiches I fasten the reflexion for a while, I make it visible. To transform anxiety into Creativity can calm my soul.

For long time I studied the water situation connected to climate change. Thus I went to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. In India people regard water to be holy. Rainwater Harvesting is an old knowledge about how to collect and store water. I concentrated on this part of the subject. It's called ”a civilisation founded on Raindrops”.
I met a group of women who learned to embroider, this started an idea where they make embroideries about their own work with water. Their works became part of my exhibition: ”Water and Desert- Embroidery, women's work and survival”. Also a book.

My own work on water is finished. The Climate threat is worsening and so is anxiety. Since some years groups of people join a Transition Movement to discuss and train to find new lifestyles.

Perhaps this will be my next project. Embroidery can be a perfect medium to examinate Climate Crises and the necessary Transition.

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Elsa Agélii
Dingle, Sweden