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When Anne Brodersen was five years old, her mother gave her the first embroidery. It was a barber’s towel on which she could embroider “DAD” in cross-stitch.
Later at Skals Art School she got to know free embroidery and became seriously interested in the exciting world of stitches.

When she attended the Textile Department of the Copenhagen School of Design, her embroidery teacher was the textile artist Anne Marie Kornerup, and she graduated by winning a bronze medal for an embroidered waistcoat.

For many years Anne worked as a tapestry weaver while experimenting with embroidery.

In 1997 she was commissioned to make a carpet in cross-stitches for her local church, and later she made carpets for four other churches.

From 2000 Anne has only made embroidery collages. She uses satin stitch combined with handmade paper, glue print, objects, painting, and crayons.
In recent years Anne has also included computer manipulated photos and hot textiles in her work process.

Her main interest is parallel universes – old cultures which still live in our world – a kind of shadow universes – the past continuing into the present and further into the future.

In embroidery she has found a medium which makes it possible to work with depths, layers and doors to other worlds.

Nature is also a great source of inspiration. Here she captures both micro and macro worlds with her camera, both in her local environment, and on her many journeys abroad.

Anne’s ambition is to transform the old art handicraft of embroidery into a new and modern form.

Contact the artist

Anne Brodersen
Kirkevej 35
DK 6950 Ringkøbing Danmark